Alec Troven (elementwizard) wrote in notpureinwater,
Alec Troven

Claimed characters

This is the list of claimed characters.

Please don't post here if you want one. Post here

Watch Members
Live Journal Character
notsirsam Commander Vimes
cptncarrot Captain Carrot
twofickplanks Detritus
 the_goosberry  The Goosberry
 corporalangua  Angua

Members of our Fine City
Livejournal Character
lordofhiscity Lord Ventari
lady_vimes Lady Sybil Vimes
andthatscmot Cut Me Own throat Dibbler
reaping_duchess Susan
dejafuwonderboy Lobsang Lubb
headclerk Drumknott
tehahtimeh Mr. Teatime
de_worde William De Worde
 discwonderdog  Gaspode
wonseadragon Lupine Wonse

Other fine Citizens of the Disc World
Livejournal Character
madsabre Tonker
lord_hong Lord Hong
cant_be_having Granny Weatherwax
privateperks Polly Perks
 deathofthedisc  DEATH
 nannygytha_ogg  Nanny Ogg
 coffee_vampire  Maledict
 fear_my_teeth  Cohen the Barbarian
 notaking Pteppic

Unseen University Wizzards
Journal Character
nervous_wizzard Rincewind
The Luggage
frogdriedpills  The Bursar
 librarian_ape  the Librarian

Some fine guests
Livejournal Character
elementwizard Alec Troven
vicioussweetie Ali

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