Merus in pectum et in aquam

Nexus Ankh-Morpork
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Ankh-Morpork, city of a thousand intersting smells, even if you aren't a Werewolf. Notice the lovely River Ankh sluggishly making its way through half the the city.

Over there is Sator Square and Unseen Univesity.

There the Patrician's palace, at the end of Broad Way.

If you hear someone crying out, just keep on walking. Suicide is a popular way to die here. The murder rates, however, are quite low.

If you want a drink, try The Bunch of Grapes in Easy Street or The Bucket in Gleam Street (but only if you don't mind coppers and are a quiet drinker). Don't try The Mended Drum unless you're very brave or stupid. It's easy to commit suicide there. Troll and dwarf bars litter the city as well. And for the undead there's Biers, where everyone knows your shape.

Hungry? Avoid Dibbler and his sausages. Trust us, you don't want to know. Instead, try Curry Gardens or Mundane Meals if you're in the mood for Klatchian. Gimlet's Delicatessen has the best rat in the city, or check out his newly opened Yo Rat! For dwarf bread, visit Ironcrust's Bakery (T' Bread Wi' T' Edge!). Harga's House of Ribs is always enjoyable. Or, if you're looking for something swanky, try Le Foie Heureux. They have a seperate waiter for the mustards. Be sure to order a knife for stabbing murderous bastards if you feel you'll need one.

You can find anything in the Street of Cunning Artificers. Even if no one makes it yet, just ask around.

If you're looking for... entertainment, try The Pink PussyCat Club or The Skunk Club in Brewer Street. If you want something more... physical, visit Mrs. Palm's House of Negotiable Affection. Or the Blue Cat Club. Because, you know, unnatural acts are only natural.


1. Honor thy Mods and Thy Lj Rules.

2. Only one of each character please. I don't think the Discworld can take multiples of the same people. It would just be bad, in so many ways. Besides, can you imagine what would happen to poor Commander Vimes? He'd go spare!

Claim characters here. The list of characters that have been claimed is here. You may claim up to four. If you want to play additional characters, you'll have to ask the mods. We will see if you are a consistant presence in the community, and discuss it, and then we'll probably grant your request.

3. Vistors from other worlds are welcomed, but they must follow the rules as well.

4. Mimes will be subjected to the scorpion pit, no ifs, ands, or buts.

5. The only god modding allowed is by the gods. And by the Mods. If you aren't a god or a mod, you can't god mod.

6. Mary Sues and Gary Stus will not work very well on the Discworld. Narrative causality will take care of them. Please don't bring them in.

7. Try to spell correctly and use correct grammar.

8. There is no rating for now, this is subject to change. Please, however, mark NWS posts and put them behind a cut. We all may not be interested in what exactly Nobby does for amusement.

Rules are subject to change as often as Dibbler's latest money making scheme.

Yes, we know that Alec is a very big Gary Stu, but he just visits and Commander Vimes keeps a close eye on him.